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Northern Resident Killer Whales



I11 Matriline (9 whales in 2010)

Egeria (I11) - adult female thought to have been born in 1954 with four offspring; Loquillilla (I12), Goletas (I13), Skuna (I42) and Kokish (I64)

Loquillilla (I12) - adult female thought to have been born in 1970 with three offspring; Quatsino (I47), Zayas (I78) and Levy (I105)

Goletas (I13) - adult male born in 1974

Skuna (I42) - adult male born in 1983

Quatsino (I47) - adult male born in 1985

Kokish (I64) - adult female born in 1990

Zayas (I78) - teenage male born in 1997

Levy (I105) - young whale of undetermined gender born in 2004

Tatnall (I108) - young whale of undetermined gender born in 2005  



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Photo: Lance Barrett-Lennard
Kokish (I64) in front and Goletas (I13) surfacing behind are traveling with Yakat (A11). It was a super pod that day and the I11s were traveling with members of the A11s, B7s, G2s, G3s, G16s, G29s, G31s, H5s, I17s and I18s.

Photo: Lance Barrett-Lennard
Skuna (I42) surfacing.