By becoming a member of the BC Wild Killer Whale Adoption Program you will be directly supporting research on wild killer whales. Continuing research will lead to a better understanding of the whales, their place in the ocean ecosystem, and the conservation measures necessary to protect them.

About the Editor


Valerie Shore – Editor, The Blackfish Sounder

Valerie Shore joined the B.C. Wild Killer Whale Adoption Program in 1993 when killer whale researcher and program founder Dr. John Ford asked her to be the editor of a new newsletter—The Blackfish Sounder. She did not need to be asked twice. Val has a biology degree from Queen’s University in Ontario and a passion for whales, writing and photography. All three passions have been indulged since she moved to British Columbia in 1988, first as an education and marine mammal volunteer at the Vancouver Aquarium and now as a resident of Victoria on Vancouver Island, where she takes every opportunity to get out on the water to view and photograph B.C.’s spectacular marine wildlife, including part-time work as a whale watch naturalist. Val supports her whale addiction by working full-time as a science writer/communications specialist at the University of Victoria and as a freelance writer. She has written articles on whales and other marine topics for magazines and brochures and authored a guide booklet on whales, dolphins and porpoises of the B.C. coast, published by Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Val continues to edit and write articles for The Blackfish Sounder and relishes every minute talking to researchers in B.C. and around the world about her very favourite topic—killer whales.